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Are You Stuck?

  • October 8, 2014 4:57 pm

Get-Unstuck_13-300x300One of my favorite authors has just released a new book.  Valorie Burton inspires with her latest work, Get Unstuck, Be Unstoppable.  Pay a visit to the book site for further information.

Valorie always inspires me.  If you want to pursue simple living, based on faith, she provides you with the tools and ideas needed to get there.  It’s all about focusing in on your goals and passions, and then following through with them.  Moving forward is easier because she wants you to succeed.  I would not be working on this blog without the inspiration I gained in her Monthly Momentum coaching program, another resource she offers.  The following comes from the author, and gives you a glimpse into the new work.  I’ve just purchased my copy and will be reading right along with some of you.

Start Moving and Inspiration Will Come

One of the most common misunderstandings that keeps us stuck is the belief that we need to feel inspired to get started. So we wait for inspiration. We wait to feel like moving forward before we move forward. Days, weeks, even months can pass without that feeling showing up, so we stay right where we are. Paired with that idea is often a simultaneous, erroneous belief that the people out there forging ahead– unstoppable in their progress –are somehow more inspired. Well, that is partly right. They are more inspired. But not for the reason we insist on believing. Those who are more inspired didn’t get that way because inspiration finds its way to them more often. They are more inspired because they don’t wait for inspiration to move them. They understand that if they start moving, the inspiration will come. So they get moving. They start uninspired. They see the work that needs to be done and realize it must be tackled. They must dive in. They don’t always feel like diving in. They, too, are bombarded by more instant –gratification distractions. However, they have disciplined themselves to not be lured by those distractions – at least not for long. This single piece of wisdom is worth taping to your desk or using as the background on your laptop or posting somewhere you can be reminded: Start moving and the inspiration will come. Declaration – I choose to move toward that to which God is calling me. I don’t have to have all the answers up front. I just have to have the faith and self-control to get started.  Today, God, help me take a step forward. Right now. Not an hour from now. Not tomorrow. When I start moving forward in faith, inspiration comes. Thank You for what is about to happen as I take a step forward in faith! Amen.