Dancing with Simplicity

Simple Living, Walking by Faith

Quarantine, and more…..update!

  • July 2, 2020 2:59 pm

Hoping my readers are still out there somewhere, healthy and finding at least some ways to worship and be creative during these lockdown days. I plan to be back posting more soon. Please feel free to follow the links provided to some of my favorite church services online. I’m using the Change Your Life Daily Study Bible this year, but you can obtain the same outline without a Bible purchase. The pdf should be on the Viewpoint Church web site posted below.

If you are still lockdown and out of church, again I encourage you to find a good few places to watch online. Support you local church first, and then if you still need to find a church online may I suggest Viewpoint Church. Author, pastor, Becky Tirabassi and her husband Roger, are taking their church through the Bible in 2020. You can purchase the Change Your Life Daily Bible via her links or just download the pdf to follow the guide. Due to CA lockdown, the services are being held online now at 11 am Pacific. Everything is archived for later viewing. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate and respect their ministry. It’s simple, uncomplicated and built on prayer and the Word of God. I hope to see you there, or somewhere as we worship online.